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FEATURED STORY The realities of talent in Qatar

As Qatar prepares to host the 2022 World Cup, one of the major challenges for organisations will be attracting and retaining both Qatari and expatriate talent. David Jones and Radhika Punshi of The Talent Enterprise look forward to the prospects of the future talent trends in Qatar and the wider Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for more ›

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Yacoub Hobeika, partner of KPMG Qatar and head of family businesses and enterprise, told The Edge that family businesses in Qatar have been exposed to the realities of the strategic and operational challenges by market competition.

Challenges facing family-run businesses

by  — 25 August 2014

KPMG’s Middle East and South Asia steering group for family businesses recently held a meet to address how the firm can best help develop family-run businesses. read more ›

Companies are looking for young leaders, they want leaders in their organisations a lot sooner, CIMA president Malcolm Furbertells The Edge.

Moving out of one’s comfort zone makes a more successful management accountant

by  — 15 August 2014

Despite widespread unemployment and underemployment across the world, many employers cannot find people with the skills they need to grow their businesses and strengthen their local economies. Demand for the most talented individuals continues to increase as business becomes more complex. There is clearly a disconnect between education and the skills business needs. Speaking with The Edge, Malcolm Furber, president of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) highlights the key findings of their new report Addressing the Employability Crisis: Reconnecting Education, Skills and Jobs.  read more ›

A more strategic workforce planning will be crucial to ensure that organisations are not ramping up talent too soon, or too late, say the authors.

The realities of talent in Qatar

by  — 20 March 2014

As Qatar prepares to host the 2022 World Cup, one of the major challenges for organisations will be attracting and retaining both Qatari and expatriate talent. David Jones and Radhika Punshi of The Talent Enterprise look forward to the prospects of the future talent trends in Qatar and the wider Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for 2022. read more ›


Infographic: Talent in the Middle East

by  — 20 March 2014

A look at talent and employee engagement in the Middle East. read more ›


How CFOs are using Big Data to their advantage

by  — 11 March 2014

According to a new IBM study, the vast majority of CFOs (82 percent) see the value of integrating enterprise-wide data, but only 24 percent think their team is up to the task. This marks a 205 percent increase in the gap between the importance of data and the ability to exploit its value since the question was first asked in 2005, showcasing a critical divide in the skills and capabilities for today’s finance teams. read more ›

“Prudent asset valuation is key to making sound financing, investment, divestment and insurance related decisions,” said Bilal Amanullah Moti, managing director of ValuStrat LLC Qatar.

Hailing from the Middle East can be a strategic competitive advantage

by  — 24 February 2014

ValuStrat LLC, licensed by Qatar Financial Centre Authority (QFCA), is an international company providing advisory and asset valuation services. Talking exclusively to The Edge, Bilal Amanullah Moti, managing director of ValuStrat LLC Qatar forsees significant growth opportunities in Qatar, and points out the competitive advantage that the firm has compared to global consulting companies and why his firm believes their presence in Qatar adds to their overall value proposition.  read more ›

Market conditions combined with the state’s right to maintain control means that the mercenary mentality will be difficult to overcome, writes Robert Madronic, a marketing instructor from the School of Business Studies at College of the North Atlantic Qatar.‬‬

Expatriate labour in Qatar: Employees or mercenaries?

by  — 15 January 2014

The State of Qatar is the envy of many countries with impressive plans for its future. Unfortunately, what the state lacks are enough qualified citizens to complete its monumental development goals, writes Robert Madronic from College of North Atlantic Qatar. read more ›

Selecting a reliable and committed local partner can mean all the difference between success and failure in Qatar, says Zeyad Al Jaidah the managing director of Techno Q.

What do foreign companies need to know before entering Qatar?

by  — 3 October 2013

Qatari entrepreneur Zeyad Al Jaidah writes that foreign companies seeking to enter Qatar’s market should be aware of the regulatory framework in order to lessen their chances of failure. read more ›

Bang & Olufsen CEO, Tue Mantoni explains that more can be done to develop the luxury sector in emerging markets such as Qatar, starting with working more closely with master dealers to build the brand.

A focus on emerging markets for luxury goods

by  — 5 July 2013

Bang & Olufsen takes sound seriously. The Danish company has recently unveiled its latest creation the BeoLab 14 surround sound system. Laura Hamilton spoke exclusively with CEO Tue Mantoni in London, about the new product and the future of luxury goods in emerging markets.  read more ›


Managing through the eyes and ears of staff

by  — 2 July 2013

Employees who find their work frustrating, boring and worthless have found their hero in Scott Adams’ world famous cartoon character Dilbert, the nine-to-five man who lets us know just how bad managers can be at their jobs. But Julian Birkinshaw, Vyla Rollins and Stefano Turconi believe that bad bosses can change to become true leaders. read more ›


Human Capital: Qatar’s battle to retain its talent

by  — 19 May 2013

As competition and demand for skilled workers increases among Gulf countries, how will Qatar fare in the looming regional battle for talent? read more ›


Managing people for impressive results

by  — 27 April 2013

What does a manager do most days? If your answer involves going to meetings, revising budgets, and checking and writing emails, you will greatly benefit from reading about one manager at If, a Swedish general insurance company, who changed this work pattern thanks to an experiment conducted in her firm, write the London Business School’s Julian Birkinshaw and Simon Caulkin. read more ›


The seven deadly sins of management

by  — 31 March 2013

What is it about bad bosses that we find so fascinating? Perhaps, like every anti-hero, we find the bad manager a ripe target for criticism, or at least, extensive discussion. The London Business School’s Julian Birkinshaw, however, says that bad bosses can change for the better. It all starts with knowing what needs changing. read more ›


Taking Qatar’s family businesses into the next era

by  — 30 March 2013

For decades family run businesses in Qatar have played a vital role in the nation’s economy, and certainly a major part of the private sector. The future success of family businesses is however not guaranteed, and today they face challenges on numerous fronts, writes Shehan Mashood. read more ›


Storyteller in chief

by  — 19 January 2013

It may not be in the job description for most CEOs, but in the modern age, a good leader must arguably also be a good storyteller, writes the London Business School’s Freek Vermeulen read more ›


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