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Investing in our children’s education

by  — 28 December 2012

Education is the key to your child’s future success. Fredric Afram says the pressure is on the parents to save for their child’s future, and the planning must start today. read more ›


Uncommon sense, the key to business success

by  — 26 December 2012

Common sense can help a company along. But, by developing a distinctive belief system, can (un)common sense beat competitors? London Business School’s Julian Birkinshaw, Jules Goddard and Tony Eccles explain their approach. read more ›


The PE risk: When business travelling becomes more taxing

by  — 12 December 2012

Qatar has become something of a melting pot. Baking under the heat of the Arabian sun, it has become an amalgam of countries and creeds brought together in a nation that boasts not only the fastest growing economy in the world but also, depending on your source, the highest gross domestic product per capita at more than US$100,000 (QR364,000). read more ›


Corporate demergers

by  — 11 December 2012

Companies can enact corporate restructuring by performing a demerger. Luay Hanania examines how and why these demergers take place, and the impact of these ‘spin off’ companies. read more ›


Is India the management and innovation hub of the future?

by  — 28 November 2012

India's economic rise has been dramatic. But as the growth slows, what does the future hold? The London Business School's Lynda Gratton, a leading global management thinker, offers her personal view of a country, one with which Qatar has recently strengthened economic ties and relies upon for a substantial part of its blue and white collar workforce. read more ›

Customer service part 2

Is the customer always right? - Part 2

by  — 28 November 2012

In part 2 of our series on customer service in Qatar, The Edge uses social media as a tool to report on real examples from consumers read more ›


Qatar’s new advertising law

by  — 22 November 2012

There is a mandatory requirement for billboards to be in Arabic states a new law in Qatar read more ›


Insurance: Have you got it covered?

by  — 19 November 2012

Insurance cover cannot prevent the worst from happening, but it will provide expatriates some support if it does. It also offers peace of mind that you will not leave loved ones in the financial lurch writes Adrian Bliss. read more ›


Towards a new paradigm in corporate responsibility

by  — 10 November 2012

TheEDGE spoke exclusively with Lord Michael Hastings, global head of citizenship at KPMG about the role organisations in the private sector can play in alleviating universal problems such as poverty, gender inequalities, damage to the environment and how it is in firms’ long-term best interests to take an active role in affecting this change. read more ›


The new accounting standard for investment in real estate

by  — 7 November 2012

The Financial Accounting Standard 26 (FAS 26) on Investment in Real Estate, issued by the Accounting Organisation for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) in June 2012 proposes a new and clarified approach of accounting for investment in real estate,writes Yusuf Sayed. read more ›


Is management ideology the last bastion of American hegemony?

by  — 25 October 2012

Here is a tricky question: How many living management gurus did not learn their trade in North America? It is not easy to come up with a list of top experts who are not American, Julian Birkinshaw examines whether American hegemony of management thinking will ever be replaced by a more global approach. read more ›


A winning strategy for your portfolio

by  — 20 October 2012

We all take different approaches to building a portfolio, but with money constantly moving in and out of different asset classes, depending on economic conditions, it is vital to hold a wide selection of different assets. So if one does not want to score an own goal when it comes to investments then diversifying one’s portfolio is the key, advises Adrian Bliss. read more ›


The customer is always right - Part 1

by  — 17 October 2012

One of the advantages of living in Qatar is a growing variety of goods and services, from the inexpensive to the internationally competitive, options abound. Unfortunately, it seems that the quality of customer service has not kept up with other aspects in the development of the Doha consumer market. read more ›


An overview of the new Qatari tourism law

by  — 7 October 2012

On August 7, 2012, Qatar passed a new Tourism Law No. 6 of 2012 (the Tourism Law) superseding Law No. 7 of 1982, which was limited to regulating travel and tourism agencies. read more ›

Business startup prologue

The Start Up Prologue

by  — 23 August 2012

Business plans are often considered the linchpin to starting a successful enterprise, but are no guarantee of success. The London Business School’s John Mullins believes entrepreneurs need to think more about their prospective business even before they write up their vision and begin to seek capital. read more ›


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